Speech at Stavanger YNGILINGEN in Lassa

November 18, 1981

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A joint presentation was made with Einar Lunde, a journalist TV broadcaster with the Norwegian state television corporation NRK.  It is to be remembered that Einar Lunde had visited the field in the year 1978 and brought with him dramatic pictures during the first attempt by EPLF to liberate Massaua. His pictures and video clips were widely distributed and shown in many of the European television channels.

I did not have a prepared manuscript of the speech I was going to make but I have the summary of notes and chronology of its presentation. Here it is:-

  • Gratitude for the invitation

  • A summary of Eritrean history.

  • The federation with Ethiopia and Norways roll as member of the commission.

  • The start of armed struggle

  •  The suffering of the Eritrean people under the yoke of Ethiopian colonialism

  • Achievements of the revolution and the way forward

  • Appeal to the organization YNGLINGEN and its members to be interested in the Eritrean people’s struggle and discuss with their representatives in parliament on how to support the Eritrean cause.


Time for questions and answers

-         The end   -


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