Eritrea in pictures
Emnetu Tesfay



The album contains pictures on:

Cities:  Asmara, Massaua, Keren, Dekemhare, Mendefera, Aqurdet, Tesseney, Barentu, Senafe, Dibarwa, Asab, Ghinda with all their palm trees and floras.

Trees:  diverse species of trees, wild and grown, floras, wild and home grown, animals, wild and domestic, plants, variety of fruits and vegetables.

Schools teachers and students showing some activities

Cultural elements showing pictures of churches and mosques, wedding processions and festivities, farming and harvesting, individuals with traditional  clothes, etc.

Last but not least, photographs from the Eritrean field showing armed fighters and civilian activities in liberated Eritrea.

 Most of the pictures were donated from Swedish missionaries who lived in Eritrea in the 1950ís and 1960ís. These pictures are unique in variation and quality.  The album has given the reader/viewer a quick glimpse of what Eritrea looks like. I have labelled captions under each picture to explain the viewer what the pictures show.

 The album was popular among the Norwegian public and has moved from one library to the other enabling a vast number of Norwegians (mostly in the west, east and south) to make themselves familiar with Eritrea.

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